Friday, July 7, 2017

Recap: A Boy Or Girl For Jill

 *** We apologize for the delay for the recap. ***

Ben and Jessa are adjusting to their new life with two little ones. Jessa reveals that they are learning to take turns and Spurgeon is doing pretty well. Jessa was relieved that Henry's birth was a lot faster and easier than his brother.

Ben reveals that the numbers of diaper has grown and how fast they pile up. Jessa says that she loves her baby carrier since it was one of the best gifts that she received. Jessa wonders how her mother handled have three children after her birth. Ben says that Jessa is patience with their two children.

Jill talks about her similarities and difference between her two pregnancies. She shares that the couple is planning to return to Central America as long as they can until the baby's birth.

The couple gives us update on their check-up with the doctors. Their doctor had noticed something in Jill's carotid artery. Jill reveals that their family has a history with aneurysm. They head for a follow up visit for an ultrasound and learn the results.

Joy heads to Austin's family home to enjoy dinner with the family. The family is having steak and baked potatoes for dinner. As she is driving to the family home, she listens to audio book that talks about marriage. Joy knows that Austin could pop the questions anytime and she has a good idea of what her answer will be.

Joy makes cheesecake for the family. She notices that Austin's family makes less since they are a lot smaller than the Duggar family. The girls make the dinner as the men feed the cows. Joy figures why she is comfortable with Austin's family is because she has known them for 15 years.

Joy observes how beautiful the Ozark Mountains are. She can picture herself living out there.

Austin's father shares that Austin and Joy make a cute couple. He figures that the couple has been doing things in the Lord's way. They eat the cheesecake and says how good it is.

Jill heads back to the doctor to find out her artery is normal which is good.

Jinger and Jeremy are enjoying married life. The couple shares the challenges that they are facing since the community is speaking Spanish. The couple decide to take a Spanish class and practice quizzing each other. The couple heads to the Mexican restaurant to test their skills.

It's now time to learn if Jill and Derick are having a boy or girl. Jill guesses that she is having a baby girl. Derick and Jill invite their mothers to the ultrasound to find out. Jana and a few of the little girl stay to watch Israel. They find out the gender and decide to do a spy game to announce the gender. They hide clues and pick their captains. Jordyn ends up finding the bundle and opens it to reveal that the couple is having a baby boy.

Austin shares an update on the selling the 5th house and reveals that he has a buyer for the house. He is also planning to propose to Joy soon.

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