Monday, July 24, 2017

Recap: The After Show, Part 2

It is time for the second part of the interview with Daphne Oz. She starts out with Jeremy and Jinger's honeymoon. She asked the couples which one likes PDA and they agree that Derick and Jill love it. Derick and Jill were unable to make the after show since they will welcome their second child any day.
Jim Bob and Michelle arrive with their grandsons, Spurgeon and Henry. Ben and Jessa asked their oldest son if they want to hold baby and he says no and squirms away.
Jim Bob answers one of the questions about grandchildren and says that if each one of the 19 children have five children, they will have over 100 grandbabies.
Daphne asked about the questionnaire that Jim Bob and he got the idea fro another family. He says that he just does it to make sure it's best for them. Daphne asked if they have passed with flying colors. Jim Bob says they all passed and if they hadn't they would not have gotten married.
Now it's time to bring out Kendra, both Joy and Kendra were friends before Joe and Kendra started their courtship.
Daphne airs a clip of the proposal of Joy and Austin, the couple admits that they shared a hug that was not a side hug.
The couple shares that after their first kiss, Austin asked her if she wanted him to carry her out and she said no because she did not want to mess up her dress.
It's time for the couple showdowns. The couples are asked what was the memorable part of their honeymoon. Everyone says that it was being alone for the first time expect for Jessa. She and Ben were supposed to say Rome however Ben forgot to say it.
The next question is "I wish my spouse would stop ______"
        Jeremy: Doubting herself
        Joy: biting his nails
        Austin: whooping me in pool
        Ben: getting down about her weight
The next question is who takes up more than half says their spouse expect for Jessa, who says her son, Henry.
Joseph and Kendra come out for the next question which is "What pet name does your wife/fiance call you?" Jeremy says Baaaaabe" while the others say babe or lovely.
Kendra gets asked about Joe's hidden talent and she reply "Most people would say that he is not talkative but he is good talking with people.
It's time for another question "My spouse/fiance is afraid of_____"
        Jinger: bad breath
        Jeremy: Texas bugs
        Joy: nothing really
        Austin: nothing
        Jessa: GMOs, MSG, partially hydrogenated oils, TBHQ, cheap candles, and germs
        Ben: bugs and spiders
        Kendra: being in water
        Joseph: bugs
    Joy and Austin are the winners.

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