Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Congrats to Derick and Jill!

Now that Derick and Jill have welcomed their second child into the world, the family is offering their congratulations to the new bundle of Joy! The family is getting ready for another grandchild to be born into the family as soon as Josh and Anna will welcome baby #5 later this year.

Hear from Jeremy and Jinger:
 Hear from The Little Duggar family:
 Hear from Jim Bob and Michelle: 


  1. Hmmm wondering when we might get an announcement from Jinger and Jeremy....

  2. One more video made by Jordyn and Josie.

  3. I wonder what "M" name Josh & Anna will choose for baby number 5...... Matthew, Mark, Mason, Martin, Maxwell, Mitchel, Murry..... so many to choose from....K

  4. Is Jill OK? I'm a bit concerned that we haven't seen her or heard from her and Derick since the birth... :(

    1. She's okay. She's been liking posts on Instagram lately

  5. Interesting but, Jeremy seems tough to crack so, > think we won't hear for a while... Jeremy is competitive (In a joking & clever way) with so he enjoys making Jim Bob a hard time (I love to watch it on TLC)..


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