Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Recap: After show part 1

The older Duggar siblings sit down to talk with Daphne Oz. If you are don't know Daphne, she is on the Talk on ABC during the weekdays. She is currently expecting baby #3 later this year.

The Vuolos revealed that they are now settled into their new house. They managed to find a four bedroom house. Jana adds that she would love to help them turn one of the bedrooms into a nursery.
Jana reveals that she is currently busy with her garden and it also doubles as the family's outside entertaining area.

Austin and Joy share that marriage has been a very easy adjustment.  Joy says that it felt like the right next thing to do. The couple had just returned from their month long honeymoon.

John-David reveals that he is currently flight training. He is also taking care of the Duggar rental properties and volunteering. Josiah revealed that he is learning how to fly with his brother.

Daphne replays the clip where Austin asked Joy to court him. Joy admits that she had liked Austin for four years but kept it under the belt until Austin showed interest in her. Joy says that she would write her name in the houses that Austin was flipping before he knew she liked him.

Daphne asked the married couples and even Joseph if they have ever broke any of their rules during courtship. John jokes that he has not even had a chance to break his.

The family knows that they do something different then the people out there. John reveals that they do it that way because they are trying to live their lives with the littlest regret that they can. He adds that it's not a bad way to go but just a different way. There can be a lot of regret and it is more about what they can give than what they get.

Joseph and Kendra did a little bit different than the other couples and waited to say "I love you" until engagement but kept the no hand holding the same like the other married couples.

Daphne replays the clip where Jessa and Jinger are updating Jeremy's apartment to more of a woman's touch before the wedding. Jinger revealed that she has the same tastes as her sister and just let her be the "bad guy".

The siblings were asked if they enjoy tater tot casserole and reveal that it was not one of their favorites. They had visitors over and they would request the casserole dish but the family got very tired of it.

During the new season of Counting On, the viewers will be able to see the rafting and Camping trip to celebrate Joy and Austin's upcoming wedding.

Jana reveals that assisting in births had made her want to give birth near a hospital if not a birthing center but not at home.

Joy says that seeing births terrify her but she knows that it's worth it. She is willing to do it. Jessa reveals that there is no shame of asking an epidural to help with the pain.

We will see you next week for the second part of After Show and be sure to stay tune for the next season to start this September.

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