Monday, July 17, 2017

Counting On News!

We are so excited to share that TLC has announced the return of Counting On. The new season will air on September 11th!
It is set to air Joseph's courtship with soon-to-be wife, Kendra. Joy's journey to her wedding to now husband, Austin. We will also see Derick and Jill's Centeral America  lifestyle. Ben and Jessa head to Texas.


  1. Head to Texas, like moving?

    Also, why was this season so short?

    1. The season was broken into parts. I believe that there was a total of 26 episodes this one. Also they are just visiting down there.

  2. I love this family and to be able to watch this show on my birthday is so great

  3. Has TLC renewed Counting On for 2018?
    I really enjoy watching and look forward to all the new adventures for this family


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