Sunday, July 23, 2017

Grandbaby #9 Birth announcement ideas

We are back to do another birth announcement ideas. We used this idea when Jessa was pregnant with Henry and Jill was pregnant with Samuel. The only issue is that we don't know his name or when he is due. We hope that this out before the baby is born if not then we will chose the one that we will used. Josh and Anna announced that they were expecting baby #5 back in March 2017.

1. Baby Boy Duggar is here
2. Baby (Name) is here
3. Paging Little Duggar family, party of 7
4. Welcome Baby Boy Duggar
5. Grandbaby #9 is here!
6. Grandson #7 is here!
7. Josh and Anna welcome baby #5

If you have an idea that is not listed on here. Leave in the comments down below your idea.

We will be sharing the results later on August 4, 2017.


  1. Josh & Anna Welcome baby #5.... I like that one best. I can't wait in a couple of years went Anna, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joy, Kendra and maybe Jana will all be pregnant at the same time.....

  2. I like 2 and 5. Good luck Anna and congrats to you and Josh. Can't wait to see baby boy!

  3. I like number 2.

  4. I like number 7. Josh and Anna wekcome baby #5.

  5. I like #3 & #7

  6. My my #5 (or #9) has arrived....

    We are sure it will stArt with a m so thats why the my my

  7. I like,another boy, AND its grandchild #9....where do the years go?!

  8. Can't wait to meet him


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