Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Recap: Spurgeon's 1st Birthday

Jeremy and Jinger are talking about their plans for the day. They are about to head to the store where Jeremy gets a big thing of cheese. They head back to the house and as Jinger cooks dinner, Jeremy works out. Jinger calls her husband into the kitchen to cut the cheese and he brings out a cheese peeler so Jinger just take a knife to it. The couple also hopes to learn Spanish.

Anna brings the kids to Ben and Jessa's house along with Jill and Israel to get clothes measuring. Jill and Jessa lay the boys down for a nap. Jessa is seven months pregnant at the time and says that it's getting hard to carry Spurgeon. Jill says that she is having a lot more morning sickness.
Austin and Joy are working on house number #5. Terry talks about the courtship and marriage progress for Austin. Terry teases his son asked Jim Bob to court Joy about a day of or after. Austin teaches Joy about the power tools. Joy quickly learns that she cut a piece of wood wrong but Austin assures her that she did it right. Austin is starting to think about the next steps into the next relationship journey.
A few day later, Jill and Jessa load up Spurgeon and Israel to meet Anna and the kids at the shopping center.  They start out looking at strollers for Jessa. They look at clothing and Israel gets a little upset. Spurgeon starts to get upset.
Anna says that it's hard to shop with children as Meredith gets her hair. Jessa describes Anna as a calm person like Michelle. She hopes that it wears on her. As they were shopping, Marcus fell and Anna rushes him to the doctor's office. Anna and Jill quickly head to the doctors leaving Jessa with the other five children.  Mackynzie explains to Israel that his mother went to the hospital. Michael helps Spurgeon as Mackynze helps with Israel and Meredith. Jessa says that they are used to a lot of kids but head to the big house.
The doctor checks on Marcus and he is okay and just ended up with stitches. Anna is very thankful for Jessa's help. Jill hopes that she has the same grace like Anna does.
Joy calls the little kids over to help with the birthday party. Joy says that her sister put her in charge of Spurgeon's 1st birthday. They had a later birthday party since it landed on Jeremy and Jinger's wedding day. Joy says that they need to go to the store for the birthday decoration.
Jana says that they are still trying to fill up on the roles that Jinger left when she got married. Jana also says that Joy is the organizer right now.  The family describe Joy. Jessa says that she is the nicer Jessa.
It's the day of the party and the kids are setting up for the birthday party. Joy and Tyler work on the streamers for the party. Joy says that the kids are a little hard to keep focus but are a big help. It doesn't look like that Josie wanted Jordyn's help.
The networks asked how many birthdays did the family have over the years and they can't pick a name. Joy ends up making Ice Cream for the birthday party. Joy starts freaking out about the birthday party.
At Ben and Jessa's house, Ben's family is in town. Ben's mom reveals that they moved to Little Rock. Ben is the oldest child of the Seewald family. Sprugeon is the first grandchild for the Seewald Family. His mother asked about the first year of Spurgeon's 1st year of life. Jessa recaps his journey to one year old. Jessa says that her son still loves to crawl. Ben says that his son was lay back until he has found his voice. They get ready for the birthday party. They head up to the main Duggar home.
They head to the birthday party. They put him a ball pit since it's his favorite right now. It's time for the cake and his reaction is funny. He was into the balloon. He doesn't want to take a bite of the cake. Ben and Jessa says that he might have gotten his lack of cake from them. The family describes Spurgeon which is all cute.
The Seewalds sit down to video chat with Jeremy and Jinger. They talk about the birthday party. The family misses them. Jessa says that she hopes to go down after the baby is born to visit them.
Jessa has great-grandma Duggar, Grandma Seewald, Grandma Duggar, Jessa and Spurgeon get  together to get a photo. The family enjoys time together.


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    1. Hi Olivia,
      Tyler is living with the Duggars full time since 2016. Tyler is the nephew of the Duggars

  2. Hi is there any way to can post a full episode of Joy,s wedding please i live in England and cannot get your show no more and i,m gutted i relied on you tube last yr but this year there all encoded and want money which my bank won,t let us pay for on our cards as they are unsafe site,s . i so hope you can help

    p.s we cannot even get tlc.go in the UK


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