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Recap: Joy's Wedding & Tripe Date Night

Austin arrives to the church on the morning of their wedding to start setting up. Not long after, Joy arrives and they check in with Laura who is their wedding coordinator. Michelle's childhood friend, Cindy, is the wedding designer.

Joy heads to the bride's room to start getting her hair and makeup done after talking with Austin and having a short prayer.

Jessa shares that her sister is staying relaxed and isn't getting worked up. Jill says that the wedding is during the evening hours which gives them more time for getting ready. Jill also gives a pregnancy update saying that she is now in the middle of the third trimester.

After Joy gets her make up and hair done, she heads to find Austin to see if he would like her to wear a veil. He tells her that he wants whatever she wants to do.

Laura comes to find the happy bride so she can get her dress on. She surprises her bridesmaids and father. Jim Bob can't believe that his daughter is getting married. Joy is the 5th child to get married and doesn't know if it's going to get any easier after this.

Austin and his groomsmen head to get their photos done. His groomsmen included some family members and friends.

As the couple is getting ready for their I dos, a family friend (Sarah) and a group of ladies are getting the 1,300 homemade cupcakes ready. Sarah helped at both Jill and Jinger's weddings.

Jana says that it's hard to see that her sister will be gone from the girls room however they are happy that she is staying nearby.

Joy has everyone in their places on time. Renee carries the train down the stairs. Joy says that her heart is beating so fast as she and Jim Bob get ready to enter the church. They exchange a few heartfelt words.

The wedding starts and the both parties walked in together. John is paired with Jennifer while Austin brings in both his mom and soon to be mother-in-law.

Crown him with many crowns plays which will signal the bride and father to come in. Austin fights backs tears and heads to meet them. Jim Bob says that he is going to make a great husband.
John leads the guest in a hymn before Austin and Joy say their vows. They are beaming as they commit their lives to one another.

Kendra's father (Pastor Caldwell) pronounces them husband and wife and jokey forgets the kiss the bride. They kiss before running out of the church. They get sparkled with confetti which was a surprised from Cindy.

Austin thinks that the first kiss was amazing and better than he thought it was going to be. Jim Bob jokes that each wedding has gotten better and says that Joseph and Kendra get married in five years it would be amazing.

Bobby (the couple's brother-in-law) introduces the happy couple before they share words. Joy says that they are not going to be able to stay for very long. They cut the cake.

Bobby has all the single gals gathers for the toss when Joy turns around and pretends that she is going to throw it but then heads over to Kendra to give it to her. Joe comes out and gets down and pops the question. Kendra says yes and is so happy to be engaged. The couple shares a long frontal hug.
Austin is happy that the couple is engaged and they don't mind that they got engaged on their special day. He doesn't think that it took away from their day but made it better.

You can go watch the Wedding Episode on TLC: https://www.tlc.com/tv-shows/counting-on/full-episodes/joys-wedding

Recap: Tripe Date Night

Joy, Jill and Jessa are in the girls room as they are getting ready for their tripe date. Joy reveals that she has started to wear more dresses then skirts because Austin likes them. The girls headed for a shopping trip for local boutique.

The boys (Austin, Derick and Ben) spend time at a trampoline. Austin knew the Duggars before the other boys and watched them arrive only to start relationships with Jill and Jessa.

Austin describes Joy by saying that she has a lot of character and maturity than girls her age. Austin says that his father suggested that he set a goal for fixing up houses. He needed to fixed up and sell five hours. Austin jokes that he wonders where the monastery is and that was six years ago. He is now finishing up the 5th house.

Down in Texas, Jinger and Jeremy are fixing up breakfast. Jinger feels that they didn't have much of adjustment period.

Jinger heads to do some laundry as Jeremy shares that they see themselves in Laredo for long term since this is where God has called them.

Derick gives an update about his health issue. He is currently seeing an allergist who has ruled out asthma but finds out that Derick is the poster child for allergies. The doctor thinks that he has a narrowing in the esophagus and prescribes medication to help boost his immune system.

Austin arrives for the date. Derick jokes that the couple better not be making out. The couple heads to the MarketPlace Grill which is the family's favorite restaurants. Jill tells her husband that he can't order certain foods since she is pregnant. She has not told any one of the family that she is pregnant. She is just saying that she doesn't want her husband to smell to strongly.

Derick and Jill sit down to share the happy news with big brother. Israel doesn't quite understand what is going on. Jill gives her son a baby doll to teach him how to treat it.

Thanksgiving is here and some of the family is with other family members. Jim Bob and Michelle take their family to Missouri.The family go around the room and says what they are thankful for. Derick reveals that Israel is thankful for his new shirt which says he is going to be a big brother.
The whole family is happy with the news. Jill thinks that her mom was the one that was overly excited out of the bunch. She says a new Dillard is on the way.

You can go watch the Tripe Date Night episode on TLC: https://www.tlc.com/tv-shows/counting-on/full-episodes 

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  1. LOVE your family and keeping up with u all. sure miss the tv show. found it fascinating.


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