Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Recap: A New Baby

Jill and Jana arrive at Ben and Jessa's house. Jessa says that this pregnancy has gone a lot faster than the last one. She is only three weeks away from her due date.  Jill and Jessa both get to listen to their heart beats. Jill is only 13 weeks along and could feel her baby kicks.

Jessa is a little worried from the last experience with Spurgeon. She had a long and difficult labor and ended up going to the hospital after the baby was born.

Jill and Jessa end up going house hunting. Ben and Jessa are outgrowing the home. Derick and Jill need to find a place where they can come back home for visits.

Jessa reveals that she loves having a small house but they need more room. The girls head to the Bennett house that their father just brought. Jessa claims that the house looks like it's ready for Halloween. The house used to be owned by a family friend and has a huge indoor pool but needs a lot of work. Neither one of the girls are eager to own it.

Austin and Joy are still working on Austin's fifth house. Austin's father is their chaperone. Austin gives Joy so many praises as they have revealed what they have learned.

A few days later, Austin is finishing up at the house alone when Jim Bob arrives to get a tour. Austin wants to asked if he can propose to Joy. Jim Bob takes a few moments and says words about their relationship and how the family feels about it. He reveals that he has their blessing. Austin reveals that he wants to sell the house before popping the question.

The girls are up in the girls room for a video chat. Jill asked if she is pregnant yet and Jinger looks with a blank stare. She reveals that they are currently not pregnant. Jessa reveals that she told them not to asked.

Jana heads over to the house to get the newborn stuff out of storage and get ready for the birth. Jana feels that there could be some jealousy issues with Spurgeon when the baby arrives since he needs to learn how to share.

At the family home, Sierra arrives to help with Jessa's baby shower. They know that there will be more than 100 guests but since they did not asked for RSVP, they are unsure of the amount of guests.
Jessa reveals that she requested for the guests to bring donations for Loving Choices pregnancy center. Friends arrive to the house to make food and set up decorations. The boys help with the items as well.

Everyone shows up and the party starts. Joy says that it could be very likely that the three older sisters and her could be pregnant at the same time in the near future.

They plan to put the gift bags together for the moms instead of playing games. Ben and Jessa know that the baby is a boy along with Jana and Joy. Joy says that she told Austin along with Jana told someone but won't say who it was.

Some of the siblings decide to fill two plastic bags with blue or pink balloons. They plan to reveal the gender to the other siblings from releasing the balloons from the ceiling.

Jessa and Spurgeon have a video chat with Jinger. She reveals that she is helping Jeremy start a Spanish ministry at their church. Jinger reveals that she doesn't think that she will be video chatting while Jessa is in labor since it's not her thing.

The Seewalds head to Tacos 4 life for a family date night. They reveal that they will head to the hospital if the labor goes for as long as Spurgeon's.

At 11pm on February 5th, Jessa's water breaks. After a little bit, Ben calls Jill, Michelle and Jana over to the house to help with the birth along with another midwife.

Jessa's delivery with baby #2 is a lot quicker than Spurgeon. Henry was born after about five hours of labor. Both parents starts to cry and emotions continue as Jessa is in the after-birth stage. Ben is praying that they won't have to transport to the hospital. The birth went very well and Spurgeon slept through the entire birth.

The next morning, Ben shares the gender with Justin after everyone makes their guesses. Justin pulls the cord and reveals that it's a boy. He admits that he was having fun keeping it to himself for a second. The balloon drop didn't go as planned as the whole bag drops however the moment is still a very happy one.

Later that morning, Spurgeon meets his baby brother and introduction doesn't go well. Spurgeon is a little upset that his mother is holding another baby. Ben and Jessa are sure that the boys will be good friends.

Jessa reveals that the home birth experience is an ultimate experience even through she wail and scream a lot but there was no complications this time.

Later the day, Jessa's family arrives to meet the baby boy. The couple reveals his name to be Henry Wilberforce about three days after the baby boy was born.

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