Friday, June 2, 2017

One week of marriage!

Austin and Joy Forsyth are celebrating their first week of marriage. They got married late Friday night. Joy revealed that they plan on traveling for their honeymoon.
 During their wedding reception, they were asked by Joseph if it was okay to pop the question to Kendra and they both love idea.

 As Joy and Austin's wedding was here, the oldest girls sit down and give their sister advice. 
What kind of advice would you give Joy? 


  1. My advice would be to always show respect to one another. Too many times, we tend to treat our loved ones worse than a complete stranger. That's very sad. Say "thank you", "please", "is there anything i can get/do for you?", etc.. Always listen to your spouse, before you answer. Don't just listen to react, listen to really hear what they're saying (& sometimes what they're not able to say). Always remember 1Corinthians 13:4-7.
    God's blessings always.

  2. Keep it real. Respect and Love each other. Make your own rules, listen to your parents. Your parents have been married long enough, they have experienced some of the things you may go through. It may help both of you in your marriage.


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