Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Recap: Amy and Dillon: Married one Year

Dillon and Amy have been married for a year. They were friends for six years before entering a relationship. The couple was engaged for less than three months before tying the knot.

Amy reveals that Marriage is fun but not for the faint of the heart. Amy's parents divorced part of the year and was really tough on her. Dillon and Amy ended up going on Marriage Boot Camp in hopes that they can work on their marriage. Their marriage is still a work in progress.

The couple is working on their house. They start working on their fireplace and wants to replace the tile with stained wood.

Amy's birthday is right around the corner. Amy heads out her friend while Dillon works on the surprise party. He ends up bringing home a new cat even through he was happy with one cat. At the party, the men are making the food while the girls are chatting. Dillon brings out the cat and Amy is happy about the new cat.

Dillon and Amy head back to Cancun where they spent their honeymoon. They went zip lining tour and enjoy their time together.

Amy and Dillon talk about starting their family while eating on the beach. They both want to start a family as soon as they can. They want to do some traveling before settling down. Amy reveals that they are not using birth control. She says that she is hoping to have a new cat if they don't have a child within the year. Dillon is not happy about having three cats but we will see what happens.

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