Friday, February 24, 2017

Recap: The Big Day

In just 72 hours, Jeremy and Jinger will be getting married. Jinger tries on her wedding dress for the last time before the big day. While she is getting dress, some of the girls wait to see it and are in awe of the wedding dress.
Jinger's bridemaids try on their dresses to make sure that everything is good. Wendy gathers all the girls to share memories and words about Jinger.
Jinger is going to miss being close to her family and friends.
Anna, Jana, Jessa and Joy are throwing Jinger a bridal shower. Jinger was happy to see that her mother-in-law to be was able to attend the shower.
Joy and Cindy are leading up the decorations and puts Duggar boys and few friends to work. Cindy wants to make sure that wedding is not stressing Jinger or Jeremy. They end up forgetting the flowers and greenery and have to rush to go get some.
Jinger and Michelle head to the airport to get Jeremy. Jeremy is excited that this is the last time he flies in as a single man and that he doesn't have to say goodbye to Jinger after this.
The day before the wedding, they are still setting up everything
    Joy-Anna and wedding designer Cindy (Michelle's childhood friend) lead a decorating committee made up of Duggar brothers and several friends in cutting greenery and picking up stumps and the 2,300 roses that Cindy ordered.
    The siblings end up forgetting the buckets for the roses and greenery. “Our goal in this wedding process is to not stress,” Cindy reminds everyone, hoping the flowers won’t wilt. When the group makes it back to the hotel, they rush to clip all the flowers and put them in water.
    On Thursday, Jinger and Michelle head to the airport to pick up Jeremy. “This is the last time I fly in as a single man, and we don’t have to say goodbye after this,” says Jeremy, smiling.  The couple decided to let their family and friends surprise them with everything but wants them to be simple but elegant to reflect her style.
The couple arrives at the church are blown away by the decorations that are there. Wendy works on doing the rehearsal.
Jeremy and Jinger wanted to keep their family in the small size but ended up with expecting around 1,000 people.
The family heads over to the reception venue to enjoy a Italian-themed dinner to honor Jeremy's side of the family.
The night before the wedding, Jinger heads over to Derick and Jill's home so she can spend a few hours of sleep. Jeremy arrives the next morning for their bible study and devotions. The couple heads over to the church to get ready for the big day.
Jeremy has another quick devotion with his father and groomsmen before passing out their gifts. Meanwhile, the girls are getting their hair and makeup done before Jinger gives her gifts to her bridemaids.
Cindy and the boys are trying to get the last minute items done before sending them to get ready. The boys manages to get dress before Jim Bob gets a few minutes with his daughter after Michelle gets her ready.
Jinger presents her father with a gift of handkerchief which shares a special note "To my dad: You are the first man that I ever loved. When you give me away today, know that I will always be your little girl." Jinger prays with her father and mother.
The boys return to their room so the girls can get their pictures done in front of the church. Meanwhile at the reception, the family's friends are making cupcakes and icing the wedding cake.
Both Jeremy and Jinger can't wait to see each other. Jeremy had ended up asking his father, Chuck, to officiate their wedding and he agree to it. The couple shares their vows and have a little issue with the unity candle while a band is singing "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing".
The couple shares their first kiss and then describe it as incredible and out of this world. The couple heads to get more photos done with the family.
At their hall, the couple walks out and gets a cheer from their friends and family. They cut their cake and feed it to each other. They greet their friends and family before leaving.
The siblings don't expect it to be long before the couple announces that they are expecting and then some of the family guess that Joy Anna will be the next one to be married.

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