Friday, February 17, 2017

Recap: All about Jinger

Jinger and her sisters are in the girls room. They are starting to help her pack for her move to Laredo. The girls have to divide up their clothes and hair supplies. Jana and Joy give her some of the best outfits. On the way to Spurgeon's birth, Jinger ran over a deer causing her friends to mount the head as a joke. Jinger ended up displaying it in their room and now is taking it with her to Lardeo.
Jana says that she is going to miss the shopping trips with her sister. Jinger has a taste of fashion. Joy is not a big shopper but she says that she is going to miss spending time with her sister and talking about things.
Jessa and Jinger are only 13 months apart and shed many tears as they think how life will change with Jinger's big move.
Jinger is really close to her brothers especially Joseph. Jason and Joseph both say that they are going to miss her since she loved spending time with each of her brothers and sisters.
Since Jinger and Jeremy are going to drive down, Jeremy files into town and Johannah goes along with her sister to pick up him.
The boys surprise Jinger with a used car that they got at the auto action. It's a small white SUV but it's safe and economical. The couple is surprised and thrilled when the boys show them the car.
The next morning, Jeremy and Jinger load up for Laredo at five in the morning. Jedidiah is coming with them. Jim Bob and Michelle get up and show them off on their trip.
When they finally get to Texas, they stop at a store to find Jinger some cowboy boots. Jinger's goal is to get something that is not super cowboy style. She wants more of a city look and finds some urban boots with a slight cowboy flair.

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