Monday, February 27, 2017

Recap:A Honeymoon and A Courtship

Last week on Counting On, Jeremy and Jinger said I do! Go check out the recap from last week! Also check out their wedding day blog and Joy's courtship announcement blog!

Jeremy and Jinger are getting ready to leave for Australia. Jeremy is excited to be able to let their guard down and just enjoy their wedding. They are heading or Sydney for the next six days. On the way to the hotel, they seek help to learn the Australian accent which he gives a few pointer. Their hotel room looks over the Sydney Opera House.
During their time in Sydney, they learn how to throw a boomerang. A local offers to paint their faces and Jeremy jumps on board with that idea while Jinger is a little less thrilled about it. At the end of it, she gets one her hand.
During a walk, Jeremy learns how to play a didgeridoo. Jinger ends up not trying it since it's rumor to get a woman pregnant. Jeremy jokes if the Duggar family has a lot of didgeridoos and they both laugh at the joke.
The couple ends up taking a water taxi during the trip but Jinger gets a little seasick and so they cut the trip short. They later head to the local zoo where they get to pet Koalas and feed kangaroos. They also clean a kingfish after visiting the fish market. Jeremy tries a piece of raw and tries to get Jinger to do it.
Jeremy decides that it's time for some practice driving on the left side of the road while Jinger freaks out a little bit.
The couple heads to meet up with an Australian chef on learning how to grill seafood and the chef is really outgoing and tries to joke with the couple that they are being lovely dovey.
At the Duggar home, Austin Forsyth stops by and wants to talk to Jim Bob. Austin gives a little insight about what he does for a living. He has his pilot's license and can use heavy equipment and brought a house to flip. Austin asks Joy's dad if he and Joy can start courting.
Jim Bob says yes to it and gives him the help to ask Joy. He and Austin have a side hug. A while later, Austin has Joy and four of her brothers come to do outdoor work at his family camp which the Duggars have been there before. The boys are really good friends with Austin.
After they are all done, they head to the lookout point which is called the Rock. Austin wants to make this a special moment for Joy Anna. Joy's brothers hang back to let him have this special moment.
Austin asks her if she wants to start a courtship and she says yes. They give each other a side hug. On the drive back to the camp, Joy ends up sitting between Austin and Jeremiah.

Check out our big announcements:
* Season 4 returns summer 2017
* Duggar #5 engagement coming soon!

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  1. Another Courtship...very exciting. And I'm sure that a wedding won't be too far off. I am touched by the amount of respect not only the Duggar kiddos show their parents, but also the respect suitors show Jim Bob and Michelle.


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