Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Starting a family?

Jeremy and Jinger sat down with PEOPLE to give an update since their November wedding.
Jinger says that they have perfectly adjusted to being husband and wife and it's a blessing to be married. A few days ago, they celebrated their third month of marriage on February 5, 2017.

Jinger says that she facetimes and has a group text message always going on since moving to Texas. She knows a trip back home is just a flight away.

Jinger says that she is making new friends and they have been very sweet since she moved down.
Jeremy and Jinger have chosen to leave it up to God when they would start a family.  Jinger says that they are just enjoying being husband and wife right now and will see what God would do for their family.


  1. You guys are so sweet. Enjoy the time together, and I am glad Texas is treating you so well. Lots of love from North California.


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