Thursday, March 23, 2017

Journey to parenthood: Hurry Up July!

In just four months, Derick and Jill will welcomed their son into the world. They haven't announced their due date but know that the baby is due in four months. 

If the due date is not announced by June then we will start our baby watch in late June for the month of July. The updates will be every week until Derick and Jill welcome their son. 

Be sure to check out our baby game guesses! 

There was a little bit of confusion on the baby guess blog #1 about the gender and it's a baby boy. 

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  1. Israel is such a cute baby boy, can't wait to see his baby brother, I'm sure he will be just as adorable as Israel is... And I wonder what his name will be? Maybe they will name him after Derick late father Rick.


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