Friday, March 10, 2017

Duggar Wedding #6 is on the way!

We are so excited for Joy Anna and Austin!  The Duggars are currently planning for their daughter's wedding.

Joy Anna will join her brother, Josh, and sisters, Jill, Jessa, Jinger along with her cousin Amy in the married couples. Josh got married in September 2008 after getting engaged in June 2008. Jill got engaged in April 2014 and would later get married in June 2014. Jessa got engaged in August 2014 and got married in November 2014. Amy got engaged in July 2015 and got married in September 2015. Jinger was the most recent one to get married in November after getting engaged in July 2016.

When do you think the wedding will take place?
We hope to have more detials on this special event so make sure that you stay updated!


  1. I wonder if Joy will have Renee Miller make her Wedding Dress like Jinger did, she does beautiful work. I'm sure Joy will make a beautiful bride and I wonder who will be her Maid of honor, Jana, Jill or Jinger??? I bet that some of the Duggar boys will be groomsmen but I wonder who will be Austin's best man? We will see, I bet the Wedding will be around June or July. And since Joy and Sierra are good friends I wonder if she will be a bridesmaid also.

  2. I think the wedding will be in July or August. I think she will wait for Jill to have the baby.

  3. If get married in July why not like color of flag so beautiful good commonsense? if Joyanna hold a flower red and blue rose, her shoe wear left red and right blue shoes why not I suggest u that.... groomsmen wear blue and red ties, it so very nice and if u need my help and I am good humer and commonsense everything in my life..

  4. Congratulations, Joy Anna and Austin! I truly love your family and have been watching the show since the beginning. I hope the show continues for many seasons.

  5. I think she will get married in October. But it looks like they like to get married as soon as possible. So it may be May or June.

  6. I think you made a mistake with Amy's one, she got engaged in 2014 and married in 2015. You mixed the years up! :)


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