Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Recap: Jinger's wedding

Jinger had stayed the night at Derick and Jill's house the night before her wedding. Jeremy arrives so the couple can do bible study. The couple then takes Joy Anna for some last minute items.

Michelle shares that she is excited about her daughter getting married. Michelle's friend, Cindy, was part of the wedding. Cindy talks about the special relationships that she and Michelle have.

Jinger and Michelle get ready for the wedding. Michelle says that they have three daughters and one son already married.

Jill shares that she was not stressed about her wedding. Josie is the flower girl in Jinger's wedding. Josie meets with Miss Amy who was her nurse during her hospital stay.

The boys are getting the wedding stuff finished while the couple is getting ready.

The boys get dress before taking their photos.  Jeremy gives out his wedding gift to his groomsmen. The boys have a little bit of issues with their outfits.

Jeremy talks about the joy about having his father do the wedding for him and Jinger.

It's time for Jinger's dress reveal. Jeremy and Jinger are sending notes back and forth. Jenny is the deliver of the notes.

Michelle thinks that her husband will tear up at the sight of his daughter. Jim Bob is brought in to see the dress and Jinger gives her father a special note. Jim Bob and Michelle pray about the future with their daughter. They take a few photos. Jim Bob shares her gift with everyone.

Jinger starts taking photos. They are clearly running on Duggar time right now. Joy Anna shares on how her sister picked out the bridesmaids.

Jinger shares many photos with her sisters minus Jennifer and Jordyn. They hope that they will start an hour late like Jessa's wedding.

Guest start showing up and the boys are waiting for the wedding to start. Michelle and Jeremy's mom lights the candles.

The girls and the boys come out and then it's time for the bride to come out. Jana, Jill and Jessa help fix Jinger's train as they start signing. Jeremy's father revealed the past relationship of Jeremy and Jinger. The couple exchanges vows before having their first kiss. They had a little issue with getting the candles out so they end up with using lighter.

Derick runs up and gives his wife a kiss.

Josie is beyond the cutest besides Jinger.  Jinger and Jeremy give a special message before going back into the room to take photos.

The show is back in January for Jinger's wedding planning journey!

Check out who is courting!

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  1. Oh my, so beautiful!!! I've never seen such a beautiful bride, dress, and colors! And, the mothers, wow!! So tasteful and beautiful. And for a change, I even love the way TLC covered it!


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