Monday, November 7, 2016

Jessa's letter to Spurgeon

To Celebrate Spurgeon's 1st Birthday, Jessa wrote him a special letter and here it is!

Spurgeon Elliot,

Happy birthday, sweet boy! Wow! Your daddy and I can't believe a whole year has gone by since we held you in our arms for the very first time and got to kiss your chubby little face. 😍

You light up our world in a way we never imagined possible. You have such a loving disposition and you've been a smiley little fella since the day you were born. You give the sweetest slobbery kisses that simply melt us! When we've been out on a date and come back to Grandma's to pick you up, you squeal with delight and crawl over to us as fast as you can. We always miss you no matter how short a time we've been apart!

All the milestones and sweet moments have been such a joy to be part of! Three days ago you took your first steps, so we know it won't be long before you'll be cruising all over the house. And you already have ten teeth! We're waiting on those other two molars to pop in any day now. You went from being practically bald at 3 months to now a full head of curly locks. I don't know how I will ever bring myself to cut that hair of yours... not happening anytime soon!

You love bath time and anything to do with water. You're gonna be a little swimmer! You love getting in your stroller and going on walks with mom and dad. And you love car rides! You love crawling around the living room and "wrestling" with Daddy in the evenings, and Mommy loves that it gets you all tuckered out for a good nights sleep!

Your favorite toys right now are your toy tractor, your ball, spoons, bowls & anything that makes music. You also love books and being read to. When we sing during the worship service at church you try to join in! Only problem is, you want to keep singing when right into sermon time! 😂 Haha! You're starting to understand "shhhh," and you'll bring it down a notch. But often your daddy or I will have to take you out and stand in the back because you end up bursting into song again! However we greatly cherish these days and wouldn't have it any other way! We realize that you're growing up fast... soon you'll be a big boy and I know we're going to miss your spontaneous choruses.

It's so fun to watch your understanding and vocabulary develop! When you see a puppy dog you always shout "Arf, Arf!" You've learned to say "ma" when you're asking for "more" food, and "allllll" when you're "all done" eating. You can sign "please," and you try to mimic us in saying "thank-you" too! When we ask you where your ball is you start searching around the room till you find it and say "Ball!" But of all the words you've learned to say, "Mama" & "Dada" are definitely the sweetest to hear.

We are so excited to celebrate your birthday with family and friends! We pray God blesses you in this new year! May you come to know Christ at an early age and grow into a man who loves and serves God no matter the cost. ❤️

We love you!

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