Thursday, October 27, 2016

Recap: The After show

(PS, we are sorry for the delay on our recap)
The older kids head to Nashville to talk to Scott. The group watches the Flame's vist to Arkansas, Derick asked his brother-in-law if he is going to make his own hip hop album but Ben knows that it's not where his heart lies but manages to "Spit some bars" for the group.
Scott turns his attention to Derick and Jill about their life down in Central America and they share some real life experiences. Derick and Jill have made their bathroom into their safe room.
Jessa adds that she hear gun shots and could not imagine being home with the kids while hoping Ben comes back every night. Derick reveals that they are willing to take that risk to spread the word of Jesus. They always make sure that they know what is going on.
The group announces that they do not like sharing food or drinks. They are germaphobes.
Jill shares that her life is like survival camp that her siblings went on. She make sure to relie on her husband to stay safe.
The girls reveal that Jim Bob is on edge with their projects but are warming up to their ides. He doesn't want them to paint the walls, trims or cabinets.
Jinger is surprised by Jeremy. He came with roses for her and she is super surprise by this. Jinger reveals that she loves the surprises, Jessa reveals that she loves surprises also. Jill is not one for surprises but is happy at the end of it.
Jim Bob reveals that his daughter has an expensive thrift shopping habit and Jeremy reveals that they have the same thing. Scott asked the couple if they are planning to start a family right after they married but they just say we will see. Derick jokes that they will be pregnant by the end of the year earning him a look from Jinger.
The boys look at the clip where Jeremy asked her father permission to court and he reveals that he is not focus on eating and thinks that Jim Bob is hungry.
Jeremy reveals that they have a lot of different style of rules compare to the others.
The youngest Duggar grandsons come to say hi before Cindy takes them to play.
Jinger shares what she felt when she became engaged to Jeremy. Jinger reveals that she is moving to Laredo after the wedding and plans to move her items before the wedding.
Ben and Jessa plan to put their adoption on hold while they are expecting their second child. They plan on finding out the gender but haven't decided to announce the gender of their second child.
Scott asked if Derick and Jill are planning for a second child and they are trying to plan. The couple are not expecting yet but are actively trying for their second child.
Jana reveals that she purchase a tattoo parlor and working renovating it but they have other projects right now.
Joy is doing a online bible school and doesn't plan to do a full-on college.

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