Sunday, August 4, 2019

Updated Duggar grandchildren line up!

Fresh off the news of John and Abbie's pregnancy announcement. We have updated the line up! As you can tell that we also added the babies in heaven.
  1. Mackynzie Duggar (Josh and Anna)
  2. Baby Duggar (Josh and Anna)
  3. Michael Duggar (Josh and Anna)
  4. Marcus Duggar (Josh and Anna)
  5. Irsael Dillard (Derick and Jill)
  6. Meredith Duggar (Josh and Anna)
  7. Spurgeon Seewald (Ben and Jessa)
  8. Henry Seewald (Ben and Jessa)
  9. Samuel Dillard (Derick and Jill)
  10. Mason Duggar (Josh and Anna)
  11. Gideon Forsyth (Austin and Joy)
  12. Garrett Duggar (Joseph and Kendra)
  13. Felicity Vuolo (Jeremy and Jinger)
  14. Asa Duggar (miscarried: Josiah and Lauren)
  15. Ivy Seewald (Ben and Jessa)
  16. Annabell Forsyth (miscarried: Austin and Joy)
  17. Baby Girl Duggar (Coming November 2019; Joseph and Kendra)
  18. Baby Girl Duggar (Coming November 2019; Josiah and Lauren)
  19. Baby Girl Duggar (Coming November 2019; Josh and Anna)
  20. Baby Girl Duggar (Coming 2020; John and Abbie)

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  1. You should add last names, and maybe parents like you did the bates grandkids.


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