Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Recap: The Jinger Grown

The girls are packing up for their trip to pick out Jinger's wedding dress. They are heading to Fredericksburg, Virginia. Jeremy's mom and dad are meeting the girls in Virginia. Ben and Derick come along to take care of the boys.

Jeremy is excited about his wedding to Jinger in November.

During the packing in their room, Jinger reveals who will be her maid of honor and bridesmaids. The girls are not surprised that she chose that.

The producer asked the family how to describe Jinger's style and they call it "The Jinger style" since she is classy and trendy.

Derick and Ben reflect on their wedding days to Jill and Jessa.

Meanwhile, Spurgeon and Israel are hanging out with Derick, Ben and Chuck. They decide to get some ice cream. Chuck is enjoying the time with the boys. Both Spurgeon and Israel are taking naps. Ben and Derick seek advice about growing to a family of four.

Jinger loves the third dress the minute that she sees it.

The family talks about Israel and Spurgeon's personality. They are very different babies.

After they are done with dress shopping, The girls meet up with the boys and create canvas paintings for the couple's home. The boys (Israel and Spurgeon)  are not having it while painting. Derick and Jill end up painting a faceless picture of the engaged couple. Ben paints a coffee cup. Jana and Joy paint a picture of the girl holding an umbrella. Michelle and Jinger paint a city skyline. Jeremey's parents paint a jewel showcasing that Jinger is more precious than jewels.

Derick and Jill recently returning home from Central America and are glad to be back with the family.

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