Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Recap: Bachelor Pad Makeover

Jeremy is getting ready for the wedding and moved to a bigger place. Jinger wants to head to Laredo to decorate and organize. She brings Ben, Jessa, Spurgeon, Jason and Joy to come help. Jana stays home and helps with the little kids. Jana hopes to make many road trips to go see her sister.
The group heads to the airport and checks in 11 bags since Jessa packed a lot of items for the apartment.
Joy arrives early since she is coming from Wisconsin. She heads with Jeremy to find a gift for her sister.
Jessa gives an update on her pregnancy and says that it's been different than her first. She is starting to wonder if it's a girl.
Jeremy doesn't know how much input he is going to have since the team is coming decorate his place.
Joy and Ben stay at Jeremy's place while the others head to the store. They get a new living room set while Jim Bob and Michelle gifted a table to them.
The next day, Jessa is in charge of decorating. All the siblings know that their sister is a taskmaster which in this case is a good thing.
Jessa moves the book shelves in the closet. Jinger wants to put Jeremy's jerseys on  the wall white he thinks that Jessa is going to hang them in the closet. Jeremy wants his rembrandt painting hang up and manages to get them above one the couches.
Jessa claims that she won't be offended if the couple moves things around. Jeremy can't wait for the couple to be married so they don't have to say goodbye at the airport.
Derick and Jill are enjoying a family workout. Derick's gag reflex starts to act up. Derick reveals that he has had it since childhood.
The family heads to get check ups and finds out that Israel is doing good and gaining right on track. Derick is suggested to go to an allergist while Jill is order to get an ultrasound on her neck to make sure that everything is okay.
The boys want to get her a car and can't find one but Joseph buys a small boat that he hopes to use one season and resell it.
The kids agree that they are going to miss their sister.

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