Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Who was Joy's Matron of honor?

Did you heard? Joy and Austin got married on Friday night in front of their family and friends. Also Joseph and Kendra got engaged later that night. Many have been asking who was Joy's Matron of honor and we have the answer to it?

Derick shared on his Instagram that Jill was the Matron of honor at her sister's wedding on Friday night. The Dillards also posted on their facebook page about both the wedding and the engagement. 

Do you remember who was the maid of honor at Josh and Anna's 2008 wedding?

Do you remember who was maid of honor at Derick and Jill's 2014 wedding?

Do you remember who was maid of honor at Ben and Jessa's 2014 wedding?

Do you remember who was maid of honor at Jeremy and Jinger's 2016 wedding? 

Who do you think will be Kendra's maid of honor? 


  1. She would be a matron of honor not maid. She is married and with children. Just saying...

    1. Hi Unknown,
      It should not matter if it's maid or matron of honor. Same thing. :) Just saying.

      If the person that writes the blog wants it as maid of honor then it should be there choice.

    2. Actually, No, it is not the same thing. They are two different positions in the wedding party.

  2. I think anna maid of honor was her sister Priscilla, Jills maid of honor was Jana, Jessas maid of honor was Jinger, Jingers maid of honor was Jessa, and Joys maid of honor was Jill.

  3. How about joyanna? Who was her maiden of honor? I guess we will have to wait and see.

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      Jill was Joy's maiden of honor.


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