Thursday, April 27, 2017

Baby Guess: Height and weight guesses

How much do you think that he will weight and how big will he big?


  1. If this is referring to Anna's son, I think he will be smaller, more like an 7lbs 12 ozs. and about 20 inches tall. I had forgotten when I wrote the last comment they are both having sons ! My Apologies !

  2. 19 inches....8lbs 3oz....Matthew??

  3. Well for Josh and Annas baby boy i think the name will start with the letter M. So my guess his name will be Matthew Joshuha Duggar. His weight will be 9lbs 12ozs and 23ins long. Im just so greatful of Anna and Josh for working on there family so when they have there sweet baby boy into this world.Its will be so peaceful and calm and for the birth of there little baby boy. A gift from the lord above. God Bless you both.����������


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