Josh and Anna

Josh and Anna started courting sometime in 2008. They got engaged in June 2008.  They got married in September 2008. They announced that they were expecting their first child, due in October 2009. They welcomed their first child, Mackynzie Renee, in October 2009. Josh and Anna announced that they found out that they were expecting their second child when Mackynzie was four months old however the baby ended up joining heaven. Josh and Anna announced that they were expecting their second child, due in June 2011. They welcomed, Michael James, in June 2011. They announced that they were expecting their third child, due in June 2013. They welcomed their third child, Marcus Anthony, in June 2013. The couple would later announce that they were expecting their fourth child, due in July 2015. They welcomed their fourth child, Meredith Grace, in July 2015. They announced that they are expecting their 5th child, due later this year.


  1. I am so glad that you are working on your relationship. My husband had the same addiction and he went to RU in rockford to. Just keep close to your Savior during this time. My husband had the problem for 20 years before I new anything about it. But God is in the business of working miracles in the lives of people. I seen it first hand Praise God.

  2. what a beautiful family you guys have ..

  3. I felt sorry for Anna but she took him back. Anna please protect your children from Josh

    1. Anna never left him. She even said that on the show that she was sticking it out. There is no way to prove that Josh has done anything to the girls.


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