Derick and Jill

Derick and Jill started courting in November 2013 but waited until March 2014 to announce their courtship to the public. They announced their engagement in April 2014. They got married in June 2014. Derick and Jill announced that they were expecting their first child, due March 2015. They welcomed their first child, Israel David, born in April 2015. They announced that they were expecting their second child, due July 2017. They welcomed their second child, Samuel Scott, born in July 2017.


  1. Will Derick and Jill stay in the states to deliver their new baby boy. Since she was a C-section?

  2. I hope TLC will allow Derick on the show as he chose to cyber-bully a teen. Not very Christian of him. Especially since the teen's show is also on TLC!

    1. Derick didn't bully anyone. He stated his opinion about transgenders. Just because the link was with jazz on it doesn't mean that he bullied her.


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